The entire necessary infrastructure, as well as all required utilities are available on site, in the amount needed by each customer:

  • own power station of 110/20 kV 2x25 MVA; no blackouts for the last 5 years; 15 MWh available on site
  • gas - low pressure gas installation
  • water - deep wells
  • sewage - 700 m3/day water treatment station and drainer
  • hydrant network
  • telecommunication network

The station of 110/20 kV 2x25 MVA was built to supply the electric power. It has double circuit connection of 110 kV voltage from IAR Ghimbav station of 110/6 kV, for a larger reliability and a shorter time of interruption.
The station has 2 busbars of 20 kV, from which 3 loops of 20 kV starts to supply the industrial park clients. The station has a complex system of command, control and automation of electric power distribution and supply. This system will allow real-time follow-up of the technical and economical parameters of functioning and consumption, as well as failure elimination and re-connecting the consumers within minutes.

Centralized services

All companies unrolling the activity inside of Brasov Industrial Park benefit of all centralized services, including:
  • access control
  • outside lighting
  • sanitation activities outside the halls
  • green area maintenance
  • snow removal activities

Within the Industrial Park Brasov we have organized our own Fire Department with fire truck and specialized personnel, available on site 24/7.

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Our Customers