The Germans from Preh Romania set a target for 100 new recruitment for 2015


The car components producer Preh Romania, supplier for Porsche, Daimler, Audi or BMW, set a target for recruiting another 100 people in 2015, for its company in Ghimbav. The company reached so far 800 employees, while hiring 150 people in 2014. The German company started activity in Romania in 2008, increasing the number of employees by 14 times in 6 years.

In this year we hired 150 people, so we reached 800 employees. The recruitments will continue also next year, when our target is to hire another 100 people“ declared Ms. Mihaela Forgaciu, General Manager of Preh Romania.

In 2014 Preh invested 5 million Euros in tolls and production equipment, after an similar investment of 4,5 million Euros in 2013. Production and warehouse surface is more than 10.000 sqm.


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