Continental Powertrain works finished according to schedule


ICCO, as General Contractor, started construction works in July 2012 for the Continental Powertrain hall within Industrial Park Brasov, and the final reception was made after 11 month, in May 2013, according to contract.

Total surface: 22.000 sqm

Hall's structure includes:
Pad foundation
Monolith concrete for the structure in the office building
All pillars are made of precast concrete
Metallic structure used for the roof
Mineral wool box and sinusoidal board for closing in hall area
ACC walls for closing, mineral wool and aluminum sheets in office area
Sheet case, condense proof foil, mineral wool and SICA membrane
Floor made of epoxy resin in hall area, for intense traffic
Sprinklers in all project: hall, warehouse, office area
Air conditioning in office building
Air filtering unit in production and warehouse area
Two traveling cranes of 5 tons each



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