About IPB

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Within Industrial Park Brasov we deliver turnkey industrial and logistics halls, completely adapted to the specific requirements of the activities carried out by our clients. Founded in 2008, Industrial Park Brasov is a modern industrial platform, located in the center of Romania, in an area with a strong industrial tradition and access to well-developed infrastructure. We offer complete services, from designing and authorization, to property management.

Total surface

60 ha

Built surface

200.000 m2

Jobs created

over 6,000


own power station 110/20 kV 2x25 MVA, 15 MWh available

gas - low pressure gas installation

water - deep wells

sewerage - treatment station and drainer 700 m3 / day

hydrant network

communications networks

Centralized services

control access

outdoor lighting

cleaning and general maintenance

green spaces maintenance

snow removal

Additional services

fire truck with active fire team 24/7

medical center offering specialized medical services & occupational medicine

additional parking for trucks, truck handling area

on-site facility management team

food delivery service in catering system

Industrial Park Brasov