Brasov Industrial Park’s (IPB) customers are Romanian and foreign industrial companies which have decided to develop the activity in Romania, having the common interest of developing “Greenfield” type of businesses, on the basis of a long term rental scenario. Click here for the advantages of locating your business in Brasov.

-    Close to the future Brasov international Airport (1 km)
-    Small distance to Brasov and Ghimbav cities (7 km and 2 km)

-    Easy access to E68 Brasov – Sibiu – Timisoara (2 km)
-    Easy access to the connection to the future motorway “Transilvania” Bucharest – Arad / Nadlac (ca. 2 km)
-    Brasov – Sibiu rail road (Ghimbav railway station cargo terminal at ca. 1 km)

Possibility to offer competitive values for rent taking into consideration the possibility to reasonable distribute the costs for infrastructure and utilities for the entire surface of the industrial park.

Excellent general potential for economic development offered by Brasov area:
-    Long and rich industrial tradition
-    Existence of a strong technical university
-    Favorable local environment for attracting foreign investments

The park’s customers benefit of all advantages from logistical and infrastructure point of view, which are common for the entire park, as well as of all specific required services.

Industrial Park Brasov benefited from state aids, that is fiscal facilities granted by the local budget authority of the Town of Ghimbav, according to the provisions stated within the Order of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration No. 2980/2013, regarding the approval of the terms of taking support measures for investments made within industrial parks.

According to the law, we publish below the annual requests for these fiscal facilities:

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MADRP Reporting 2019
MADRP Reporting 2018
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MADRP Reporting 2016
MADRP Reporting 2015
MADRP Reporting 2014
MADRP Reporting 2013
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