Why Romania

Following to the worldwide industrial changes taking place, more and more investors are analyzing the possibility to relocate or transfer production facilities in countries where they could benefit of lower costs. In this respect Romania became in the last years a veritable hot spot.

Today Romania is a country that offers to the companies the opportunity to settle in a privileged space within the European frame.

Market & Location One of the largest markets in Central & Eastern Europe (19.7 million inhabitants)
Potential for growth
Resources Acknowledged human resources, skilled labor force, with solid knowledge in technology, IT and engineering
Official unemployment rate of 3.31% (December 2018)
Absence of linguistic barriers: English – spoken by a high percentage of people,  German – due to cultural and historical reasons, French, Spanish and Italian – similarity through common Latin origin
Rich natural resources, including fertile agricultural land, oil and gas, important potential for tourism
Politics Stable executive power
Stability factor in the Area: NATO member since 2004 & European Union accession on January 1st, 2007
Economics Attractive and competitive business
The value of direct foreign investment volume increased by 1.5%, reaching 4.586 billion Euro
In 2017, Romania's economic growth increased by 6.7%, compared to 2016
Romania registered an inflation of 4.3% in 2018, compared to 3.3% in 2017
The presence of branch offices and representatives of well-known international banks
A highly developed industrial infrastructure, including oil and petrochemicals
A newly developed highway infrastructure - Commitment to improve the highway infrastructure to EU standards
6 international airports (Henri Coanda and Baneasa Airports in Bucharest and the airports in Timisoara, Sibiu, Cluj and Constanta)
Extensive maritime and river navigation facilities
Social Agreement between Government and Major Unions
Labour relations regulated by the Labour Code
Legislative Legislation compatible with Acquis Communitaire – Similar legal provisions as in EU
Healthy fiscal policy regulated by the Fiscal Code
Competitive tax policy: 16% flat tax


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